LeaksDB is a project that i started for collecting and converting leaked databases into a searchable engine. The main purpose was the big databases breaches but because it become impossible to cover and crack all of them in a short period of time i started collecting smaller and working databases.

LeaksDB is a search engine that uncover passwords and emails from pwn emails. Pwn emails are when hacker or crackers have access to a known site database and sell/share them online aka leaks.

LeaksDB is a http server with a build in search engine where users can check if their email was been leaked or use it to obtain an email and password for access or use on other online services associated with that email. It's also possible to search for online services, for example, or Spotify, etc.

Dowload: (176,462,190 bytes) ... sion_1.exe

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Virus Scan ... /detection
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