Improving compile times
Parallel compilation
The make build system uses the MAKEFLAGS environment variable to specify additional options for make. The variable can also be set in the makepkg.conf file.

Users with multi-core/multi-processor systems can specify the number of jobs to run simultaneously. This can be accomplished with the use of nproc to determine the number of available processors, e.g. MAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc)". Some PKGBUILDs specifically override this with -j1, because of race conditions in certain versions or simply because it is not supported in the first place. Packages that fail to build because of this should be reported on the bug tracker (or in the case of AUR packages, to the package maintainer) after making sure that the error is indeed being caused by your MAKEFLAGS.

See make(1) for a complete list of available options.
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Tenemos varios "trucos" disponibles para poder acelerar el proceso, de los mas utiles consiste en habilitar el flasg MAKEFLAGS con la opcion -j #DeCores-1 para utilizar nuestros potentes procesadores. Usando
$(nproc --ignore 1(

Código: Seleccionar todo

$nano /etc/makepkg.conf
MAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc --ignore 1)"
La razón de usar "nproc" es para no harcodear el numero de cores a utilizar y la razón de --ignore 1, es dejar un core al system por cualquier situación.

No es la gran cosa, seguro le sirve a mas de uno! Saludos :drinking:
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